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Atlanta Tennis School Policies

Spring & Fall is about here so just to remind everyone about our policy on weather and other issues.
If your courts has lights and are on a timer, please make sure the timer is adjusted if your lessons are late in the evening.
Also, All payments are to be paid with cash, check, debit/credit cards BEFORE starting lesson. Each 60 minutes lessons should include setting up/packing up any equipment needed and balls picked up. Please keep in mind that we allow 30 minutes to get to our next lesson so starting and ending time is very important.
If your lessons is scheduled at a Forsyth County Courts with us, then their will be a $5 court reservation fee added. If cancellation occurs, you will not be charged that court fee and will be credited to another day.
A text will be sent out each day before your tennis lesson in which you MUST reply to keep the scheduled time unless you receive concerning our weather policy cancellation. If we do not receive a reply by 8 am the morning of your lesson, then it will be rescheduled for the following week.
If , or any local weather services we use predicts any of the conditions below on your scheduled lesson day, then it will be re-scheduled for the next week at the same time.
60% or greater chance of rain/sleet/snow/storms*
Winds speeds 20 mph or greater.*
Temperature 40° or below* at the time of the lesson
Wind Chill 40° or below* at the time of the lesson
Temperature of 95° or greater at the time of the lesson
ALSO.....anytime during lessons we hear thunder, we will stop immediately for the student and coach's safety (Including teams coaching)
When Forsyth Country schools are out for the summer, our hours will be as follows: Monday-Thursday 7am-11am then 4pm-9pm (Fri-Sun are held for team coaching days)
Please note that it's your/student responsibility to reserve all the courts necessary for us to have the lesson.
If the courts are side by side, please reserve at least two courts, we cannot offer any lesson if anyone else is on the courts beside us, it would be a BIG distraction for us AND them.
If you’re unable to keep your schedule for any reason, please let us know no later then 8 am the morning of your lesson text OR call 404-797-9824.
Due to traveling and/or traffic, if your instructor does not show up on the day of the scheduled tennis lesson with no warning thru text/call/email, then you will received a $25 credit toward your next tennis lesson with us.
If you cancel your scheduled lesson within 30 minutes, then you will be charged an additional $10 fee to continue lessons with Atlanta Tennis School.
If we get to the courts and can not continue with the lesson within 15 minutes due to weather, courts not available, or any other issue then no refund will be given. 
Please check your text by 9 AM the morning of this lessons for any possible cancellations.
* Denotes teams may not be included
Instructor Tony



Individual Lessons:

$40.00 per student per lesson per 60 minutes with a $10.00 add-on fee for each addional student.

*Prices may vary from one coach to another depending on your location, if you have any questions, please refer to your coach.

ALTA team(s):

$600.00 per season including play-off season. This will include up to 3 hours of lesson in one day, instructor, lesson of the day, tennis balls, and racket rental if needed.


All payments should be made before the lesson in cash, check (payable to your coach) or with credit card if available by your coach. A receipt will be given for any and all payments.


All tennis lesson(s) will be scheduled on a weekly basis starting on Monday, so each Monday morning you’ll receive an e-mail concerning tennis lessons for that week. It’s very important that you reply to this e-mail, otherwise we’ll have to cancel your scheduled date and time.


FOR COACH TONY JOHNSON: No payment required if a student calls OR e-mail to re-schedule OR cancels the lessons the morning of the lesson (By 7:00 am) OR by calling/texting 404-797-9824 within 60 minutes prior to the scheduled lessons.



If the local weather news predicts a 40% OR greater chance of rain, sleet, snow, or storms then no lessons will be given for that day.

If the weather news predicts that the temperature will be lower than 45 degree OR higher than 105 degree no lessons let be given for those days.

Tennis Gear:

All students are required to provide the tennis courts in which the lesson will be given (lighted courts if your lesson is past dusk). We’ll provide tennis rackets rental upon request, we’ll provide tennis balls, tennis instructor(s), and lesson of the day. It would also be good practice to bring a water bottle and towel...just in case you need it.



FOR COACH TONY JOHNSON: New students are required to Pre-register for lessons and classes on our website.



If you think of something we haven't covered here, please let us know.


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